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Прицеп VRV 26



1. Tubular Aluminum Frame
Lightweight; Durable; will not rust away like typical steel frames.

2. Dexter™ Independent Torsion Suspension Provides the smoothest ride, best tracking and less rebound in all terrains — compared to outdated spring leaf suspensions.

3. Inter-Locking Aluma-Plank® Floor Deck Lightweight; Durable; will not rot away, sag or have soft spots like typical plywood floor decking. Frankly, there’s just no comparison to conventional trailers here.

4. Tubular Aluminum Sidewall Framing Lightweight; Durable; will not rot away like wood. 1.5” x 3” Tubular Framing at Bunks.

5. Aluminum Sidewall Exterior Skin Lightweight; Strong; Durable; offers the option of colors vs. competition’s white.

6. Diamond Plate Aluminum Rockguard and Trim Package (automotive styling) Protective; Durable and Adds a Great Look to the Exterior of the Camper.

7. Diamond Vinyl Interior Wall Board Durable; Cut off 6” from Floor so You Can Spray Out Your Trailer with a Hose.

8. Tubular Aluminum Bed Bunk Framing Lightweight; Durable; will not rot away, vs. plywood bases of typical bunks.

9. Tubular Aluminum Cabinet Framing Lightweight; Durable; will not rot away like typical wood studs.

10. Aluminum Skinned Cabinetry Lightweight; Durable; Clean Look; Designed to stand the test of time — compared with the typical wood paneling.

11. Finished Aluminum Cabinet Doors Lightweight; Durable; Clean Look; Designed to stand the test of time — compared to typical “presswood” doors.

12. Custom Molded Composite Countertops Lightweight; Durable; Sink Molded into Counter; Designed to stand the test of time — compared with the laminated“ presswood” tops (most models).

13. Fully Insulated Construction Lightweight Block Foam Insulation is Packed into the 1-1/2” Thick Sidewalls and 4” Thick Roof of each Trailer.

14. Strong Aluminum Roof Rafter System Lightweight, yet Very Strong Rafters.

15. Heavy-Duty, Durable Tent Bunks Sets Up Easily in just minutes Offering zippered windows with screens; and upgraded bar locks when closed.

17. 6’-7” Interior Headroom No more bending over in your bike trailer! Enjoy the ability to walk around with plenty of clearance!

18. “Living Quarters” Available (most models) Features a full array of aluminum cabinetry including kitchenette with base and overhead storage; a pantry; a closet inside the commode room!

19. 12V Power Vent in Ceiling This powered air vent moves the air inside the VRV for more pleasant living conditions!

20. Upgraded Side Vents These stainless steel vents (not plastic) provide necessary air flow while in transit and can be closed or opened by hand!


• Comfortable Mattresses on the Bed Bases Lightweight; Durable; Mattresses are designed to be easily removable for washing.
• 12V&110V Electrical Outlets Providing Convenient access to electric for fans, heaters, coolers, lights, etc.
• Hand-Pump Sink Faucet (where applicable) For fast and convenient access to fresh water. Comes with a 8-gallon water tank.
• Protective Bag Covers at Bunks These durable protective covers allow you to protect the bunks and mattresses from the vehicles or other items you store inside the VRV during travel.
• Available Porta-Potty Room/Closet Convenient privacy with exterior door access. Can be used for storage or for a porta potty (porta potty is optional).


• 77” Ramp Door Opening
** 84″ on 8.5x26FBR Designed to accommodate even the largest ATV or Utility Vehicles
• Spring Balanced Ramp Door No Cables, No Head Spring; Easy Lift
• Aluminum Mag Wheels
• Four Stabilizer Jacks
• Safety Chains
• Lighted, Molded License Plate Cover
• Exterior Entrance Step
• Man Door on Side


• 13,500 BTU A/C Unit
• Awning (size varies per unit)
• Interior Cabinetry Packages
• Tip-Out Bunk Beds
• Porta Potty
• DRY Bath Design — (7wide & up)
• E-Track Floor Tie Down System
• Lightweight Indoor/Outdoor Table
• Windows (where applicable)
• Overhead Cabinets
• Exterior Graphics Packages
• Exterior Roof Rack
• Custom Designed Trailers —

LIVIN LITE is known for working with our customer to make their dream trailer a reality. As such, we are willing to work with you to take your concepts and incorporate them into a unique, all-aluminum trailer that will not only meet your unique needs, but provide you with years of care-free, lightweight towing use. Talk to your dealer about
having LIVIN LITE build a custom trailer for you.